About me

Interaction and visual designer, I have the chance of doing a job I love. Fond of details, I believe an experience, happening through a device —or not, is a coherent combination of many aspects, such as structure, ergonomics, visual systems and feedback. Through the years, I developed an interdisciplinary view of how design can help build better and more human services.

I am also really enthusiastic about open-source stuff, and a typography amateur.


After having studied graphic and visual design for web and print in the north of France and Spain for three years, I decided to dig deeper into interactive design.

During two years, we have been working on different kind of projects, including service design (with Erasme), a data visualization app (with Orange Labs), codesign and anthropology methodologies (with the library of Vienne), and even a design fiction project. My diploma project dealt with creating an amateur service to share knowledge and get feedback, and the thesis that lead to it is readable here —only in French.

Meanwhile studying, I worked one month with Backstory on a product —visual and ergonomics, and two months with Chevalvert, building interfaces and websites. After that I worked for one year with the company Simphonis : graphic design and intern branding, strategy and codesign, IoT products.

I now live in the South of Sweden, in Malmö, preparing a master in Interaction Design and working as a remote freelance designer.