Ideate! The Game

Basically a card game, made by designers. Also, it’s fun.

Initial statement

The basic idea for building this game was to design game mechanics that would refer to what designers do, and apply them in a creative process for people to build ideas.


We began by choosing the tools we would try to include into the game mechanics, each one of them supposed to become a constraint to enhance the players' creativity : personae, marketing trends...

The ideation process involved a lot iterations, where we game tested what parts of the design process could make the most interesting and fun game mechanics to keep.

After many versions, the final mechanics were displayed only by cards and rules, and we decided to focus on aesthetics and details that would make the gaming experience unique.


One of the version was based on an actual board, where each player would display and present its ideas.

The final prototype


Playing Ideate! is quite simple : you follow the different constraints and come up with the best idea you can within a short timeframe. Then you compete to earn different kind of awards by pitching your idea to the other players. The depth is provided by the awards and how the players choose to interpret them, which is completely free as long as they can convince each other.

Final game

The game is also adjustable to other contexts : if you want to use it in a creative workshop for a team, a professional and customizable version exists.


For the aesthetics of the game, we —Rodrigo and I— decided to be as playful as possible, with vividful colors, the simplest grid and sketchy illustrations.

This game has been designed with Sarah Homewood, Simon Theis Hansen, Rodrigo Jimenez and Anna Navndrup Pedersen. The current version is still open to be tested, and has received really positive feedback. If you want to try it, just contact me and I will provide you with the proper printable files to play.