SIDeR 2016

SIDeR is a yearly design research conference for interaction design students all around Scandinavia. This year, the Malmö Interaction Design students organized it. I was in charge of the art direction and graphic design of the event.

The brief

SIDeR is a research conference for interaction design students from Northern Europe countries. This year, our team took the opportunity and responsibility of organizing it in Malmö. We chose the theme to be 'human|nature', exploring the relationships between the natural and the artificial, as well as habits and new paradigms, inspiration and biomimicry within design.

Core principles

first logo

One of the first versions of the logo

With the help of Rodrigo, we began exploring ideas to design a system that would be versatile. From the beginning we had the idea of playing on duality and how to merge 'human' and 'nature' as two graphical entities. In the meantime, I contacted Anders Hoff, an artist that fitted our theme perfectly : the images he produce are inspired by nature but created by algorithms. He accepted to collaborate, and when we received the images I decided to articulate the system to create a dialogue between typography and the textures.


The final logo is much simpler, and use white space to be able to play with the artworks

The website


Developed in a few days in raw HTML/CSS, you can see it at

Printed formats

poster poster

A1 poster, 5 copies


Stickers, 130 copies


A3 foldable programmes, 130 copies


130 badges, unique



Since the proceedings of the conferences were not printed, I designed a format that would be more readable on screen, based on a 16px grid. It differs a bit from the ACM format, traditionally used for the HCI conferences. proceedings

You can consult the proceedings in the ACM format or in the new one.